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We are also home to the CNT Order of Obscurus Indagatus.

Welcome to the Open Eye
Where Wiccans come together! We welcome those that are both new and experienced in the craft to apply. Members have access to study groups, chat sessions, physical and digital libraries and may attend Sabbats and Esbats. Events may include excursions such as weekend retreats, group attendance at regional and international festivals, picnics, camping trips, and visits to relevant museums and historical sites.

The Temple of the Open Eye, is known as a Witan Shrine within the Correllian Nativist Tradition and is working towards being a fully seated Temple. We espouse personal awareness of the inner self and the outer worlds. We study and practice Correllian Nativist Traditional Wicca with an emphasis on deep learning, interdisciplinary knowledge, and expansion of consciousness.

Upcoming Events

Monthly Study Group:

2nd Wednesdays Monthly

Psychic and Healing Arts Fair

March 1

Pagan Faire

March 22


June 19-22

Mother Earth Gathering

July 20-22


July 25-27

Beloved Festival

August 8-11

OE Summer Camp Out:

August - TBA

Salem Pagan Pride

September 6

Portland Pagan Pride

September 21

Oregon Coast Pan Pagan Gathering

October 10-12

Yule Bazaar


For info contact Jessamina and click on the Calendar link above.

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